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Developing a better future

Our focus

“Cransley Hospice Trust is determined to achieve four primary outcomes for the people of North Northamptonshire.

To develop a better end of life experience.

To provide better end of life services for patients and their families.

To give people a better understanding of a life-limiting illness and the options available to them.

To ensure there is equality of provision across North Northamptonshire.”

Philip Talbot, Chief Executive

Working with our partners

To achieve these outcomes, we need to engage and support people earlier in the process and work in partnership with others in the health and care sector who provide supportive services.

We are actively engaging with a range of partners including GP practices, social care, care homes, the acute hospitals and a number of voluntary sector organisations. Together we can plan and develop a seamless support service to help navigate the challenges that come with living with a life-limiting illness.

We believe that from the moment of diagnosis throughout the whole journey for you and your family there should be someone to turn to for help.

Ensuring hospice care is accessible

Whilst many palliative and end of life services are similar across the country a key factor in delivering timely hospice care is ensuring that people can access services locally.

We worked hard to ensure that the facilities at Cransley Hospice based in North Northamptonshire were maintained, can be further developed and all the ‘wrap around’ services now associated with hospice care can be tailored to the needs of our local community.

Your support to ensure the continued provision of the services based around Cransley Hospice is a testament to your passion to ensure we maintain that much needed, local provision for North Northamptonshire.

Investing for a better service

We are proud of our progress so far but there is still a great deal to be done. Over the next few years our focus will be on ensuring a better end of life experience for patients, their families and carers. Our initial plans include the following;

Investing in improved facilities for patients, families and staff at Cransley Hospice.

Initiating a 24/7 active telephone support service for patients, carers and families.

Identifying those with a life-limiting illness earlier to help with interventions.

Increasing the support for patients’ families.

Improving staff training for better service provision.

We will continue to raise funds and work with our partners to ensure the sustainable provision of modern hospice care services.

Major achievements so far

Our first major success, in July 2023, was to develop and agree a Northamptonshire Strategy for Palliative and End of Life Care which recognised the need for improvement, set clear ambitions and a series of practical actions to achieve. The full strategy is accessible using the button below.

The “Care and Support” section of this website marks our second major achievement. The information provided in these pages enables the patient and their family to access much needed initial support and guidance on where to go to seek further help.

What is palliative and end of life care?

Adult palliative care is an approach which aims to improve the quality of life of individuals, their families and carers facing the problems associated with a life-threatening illness. It is achieved through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification, assessment, and treatment of pain and other problems, as well as the physical, psychosocial and spiritual self.

Specialist palliative care is the active, total care of individuals with progressive, advanced disease and of their families.

How we measure our performance

It is a requirement of the Trustees of Cransley Hospice Trust to ensure that the investment of funds by the Trust passes the necessary ‘public benefit’ test.

In the interest of public engagement, we publish information and data in our Annual Report which you can access here.

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